July 19, 2024

On Aug 18th last year, during the Public Beta phase, I started blogging about Lightroom. It was just somewhere to place my thoughts on the program and publish links on stuff about it. It’s been a subdomain of my website ever since, but you know what? It really deserves its own home. And so tonight I finally did what I’ve been meaning to do: I bought a domain name for my Lightroom blog. And what is it, you may ask? Why Lightroom-blog.com, of course.
Maybe I’ll have to start thinking of a logo for it now. Your current link will work, but from now I’ll publishing all links using the new name.
I’d also like to thank the folks that have been along for the whole ride!

3 thoughts on “Home at last?

  1. Good move – but have you setup you old feed to redirect to the new blog?

    Have you considered using feedburner to handle the feed for you? That way if you ever from blogger to another service (wordpress or typepad) your readers will follow you.

    Mark Levison
    mlevison at gmail com

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