I provide one to one training in Lightroom and Photoshop, along with Off Camera Flash techniques. I also teach small or large groups and have worked on residential seminar weeks. I have a relaxed style and cater to the individual or group needs.

For individuals I assess their current level and work with them to speed their workflow and gain a better understanding of the tools they are using, be it software or hardware. For the more advanced I can examine the current workflow and offer advice on streamlining it. As part of these one on one sessions, I create custom presets and templates for the user to help get the images and output they want, and at speed.

For groups, I can do classes that introduce Lightroom concepts and Photoshop basic skills, or classes for more advanced users that want to get more into the meat of both programs. Again, these talks are geared towards making things easier and quicker for the user.

I’m more than happy to travel too. Please use the contact form if you’re interested in having me teach you, or speak to your group.

If online training is more your thing, I’m the Lightroom Master for The Photographer Academy. Use the code SEAN to get a discount on 1 years membership to the site. The Photographer Academy covers all aspects of photographic training from beginner to pro, with videos on weddings, portraits, business and software.

I regularly speak to cameras clubs, both on technical topics and just on my photography.

2 thoughts on “Training

  1. I need specific training via remote access to my computer. I have specific questions. It is very frustrating to me to use the chat support. I probably need a couple hours of support. Can you help with that?
    I’ve seen the free youtube tutorial and have imported and edited photos and created one slide show. Now I have accidentally removed 4 photos from the slide show. I had all my old folders on iPhoto and don’t understand how to access them to import into LR.
    John Haskins

    1. iPhoto stores images in a package file iPhotos Library. To access the files, you need to right click on the file and choose ‘Show Package Contents’. Inside is a folder called Originals. This is where the camera version of the images are. Another folder called Modified stores edited Jpegs created in iPhoto. There’s also a plugin to automatically move stuff from iPhoto to Lightroom:

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