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Essential Development 3: 25+ Great Techniques for Lightroom Classic

Essential Development 3
Originally written for Craft & Vision, this is a completely revised edition. Lightroom keeps changing, and most of us don’t have time to dig around under the hood to learn it all. Essential Development is no-holds-barred guidebook that can help you explore, modify, and dig deep into the Lightroom Classic tools you need to make your post-processing efforts more productive and produce the final images your portfolio deserves! The eBook is divided into over 25 chapters, focused entirely on the Develop module, covering topics such as: Understanding The Histogram, Making White White, Beauty Retouching, Dodge & Burn for Beauty, Cross Processing, Achieving a Filmic Look, Image Toning, Tilt Shift, Effective Sharpening, and Correcting Lens Issues.
New topics include Color Mixer with Point Color and Lens Blur. Masking is covered extensively, both as part of chapters as well as two dedicated chapters on AI Masking and Advanced Masking.

THE INDISPENSABLE GUIDE TO LIGHTROOM CC: Managing, Editing, and Sharing Your Photos


In The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC, Sean McCormack brings his expertise and experience as a professional photographer, Adobe Community Professional, and Lightroom Master to provide an accessible guide to learning Lightroom. In this book, Sean focuses on the fundamentals of Lightroom CC, using a hands-on learning style to carefully walk users through Lightroom’s features, including file management, image editing, slideshows, printing, sharing, and much more. This book provides detailed, illustrated descriptions of the program’s most important features and capabilities to get new users up and running quickly, and it covers all the new features of Lightroom CC to keep advanced users ahead of the curve. The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC makes learning this extensive photo-editing program simple, fun, and fast.

Penny H: A well written and very comprehensive guide that I thoroughly recommend.

Stefan47: Even an experienced user will learn a few tips from this book.

Piet Van den Eynde: Beginners get more than enough information from this book, but even an experienced user (like I consider myself to be) can learn more than a couple of tricks.

Photoshop Lightroom 2 Made Easy


This is my commissioned print book for Photographers Institute Press, the book arm of GMC publications. GMC also publish magazines like Outdoor Photograper and Black and White Photography. The book is aimed as an introduction to Lightroom and mixes explanation with advice. It’s not a comprehensive book, like some of the 400 and 600 page books out there, but it does aim to get the reader familiar with Lightroom, without too much stress or fuss. The book is obviously well out of date, but I still have a few copies left if people wish to order signed versions of them.


Craft and Vision 2: Another Free eBook


As part of their product promotion, Craft and Vision give away compilations books with articles by current authors. In this, their second such compilation I’ve an article on Mixing Flash and Ambient Light, but there are far more excellent articles besides that.



I write a regular column for UK Print magazine Digital Camera World from Future Publishing. Called Fundamentals, I look at editing in Lightroom. Each coljmn is accompanied by a video and often comes with a matching preset related to the article.

lightroom magsazine cover

I’ve also written for

  • Photoshop User (for almost 15 years)
  • Clarity (A PhotographyBB Magazine)
  • Layers Magazine (NAPP)
  • Lightroom (Kelby Media iPad magazine)
  • Professional Imagemaker (SWPP Magazine)

Here’s a sample of my work: Sharpening with Lightroom: Photoshop User Oct Nov 2009


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