July 20, 2024

Lightroom Blog is pretty old now, and there’s been a lot of topics, tips and tutorials posted and linked. It’s funny how the same tips get repeated throughout the net as new stuff, but is still old material being rehashed or rewritten. Sometimes an author is all about a particular nugget of workflow, while others are against it. Neither are right, or wrong for that matter, it’s just opinion, and the only way the user can decide is by thoughtful application. If it works for you, excellent, if not, forget about it.

I rewrote an old article on Updating your Metadata Preset last year and have tweeted the link this year. It’s not the first time I’ve written about it, but if you haven’t, you should probably update yours for 2014. I could rewrite this article next year, and it would still be the same for 2015. The content is valuable, the date it was produced isn’t, as long as the interface and the screen captures match up. It was for that reason that the LR5 update for Essential Development took so long. The interface changed, so 90% of the screen captures had to be redone. That meant finding the original images used to create the screen capture, then match the settings and recapture the screen. Fun! Still the text was accurate for the most part, but still required a full reading and then updating.

Despite the effort, it does lead to believe that I do need to start bringing back older tips and tricks and making them all LR5 shiny for you faithful readers (and there are plenty of you out there still, despite the PIXIQ fiasco). So that’s another thing on the list for 2014!

Also in the past I’ve done far longer posts, but regular writing slots with magazines has taken from that. If you’re not aware, I write for Clarity Magazine (Issue 2 is out now, and I’ve the Issue 3 Article submitted), a bi monthly Photography Magazine. I also write for Lightroom (Kelby Media’s iPad magazine) from time to time, as well as Photoshop User occasionally. I do intend doing at least one longer monthly post here this year. At least I’ll try!

Lightroom itself is a vast topic, but Lightroom is the centre of a photo hub. It interacts with a whole host of external editors that automatically send edits back to Lightroom, and with external folders and sites via the Publish Services Panel. I intend covering a lot more of these in the future too.

For a while I published free presets, so I’ll be going back to these again, maybe even this week!

One other thing is I think it’s time for a new logo. One that’s more in keeping with the Lightroom logo, and the use of Type in Lightroom, so I’ve mocked this up:


Let me know what you think? The site will get some of the colour too for links etc.

If there is stuff you’d like to see, or if you have a question, please feel free to comment here, or use the Contact form.

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