May 19, 2024

Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty has announced over at Lightroom Journal. The update will solve the issues for new users of Mac OS X.5 Leopard. Tom lists a number of issues users are seeing and is requesting that users post others issues in the comments of the post. Hopefully this will appease the users having Lightroom/Leopard issues. Jumping to a new OS is something that should be left for a few days or weeks in my opinion. It’s not called the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology for nothing!

2 thoughts on “Lightroom update in mid November.

  1. In fairness Apple did do a load of changes right before Leopard went GM. Adobe are certainly not the only company that has product broken in Leopard.
    I don’t speak for them, and it’s not up to me to defend them either.

  2. I agree that one should not jump on the bleeding edge bandwagon when using a vital production system.
    However, it’s not that the Leopard release came suddenly and unexpectedly around the corner – I think Adobe did a very bad job preparing for Leopard. It’s not just Lightroom but other Adobe Apps seem to have problems on 10.5 as well.

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