May 21, 2024

User Judith Nicholls has been frustrated with the lack of formatting in Lightrooms Web module. As I read over the posts I realised that I had posted about this very topic a long time ago. You can see the post over at Now a lot of the information is based on a much older version of Lightroom, but the inherent principle is the same: An unsupported method of formatting in the caption box.

Let’s see how to apply this to the current Caption box.

First go to Image info in the HTML Gallery in Web.

Click on “Custom Settings” beside Caption and choose Edit

Begin by entering the following text: <ag:formatted></ag:formatted> into the text box of the Text Template Editor.
Any proper XML (not pure HTML) entered between these tags will be rendered. Use <strong></strong> for bold text and <emp></emp>for italic text. To create a new line use <br />
. You need to use this from of br because of the way XML works.
Here’s a template I’ve created:

And here’s how it looks:

Hopefully this will help in the quest for tidy Metadata in Web. Like I mentioned, this is unsupported and may vanish from Lightroom at any time, but it is working for now.

4 thoughts on “Formatting your Text for Web

  1. I've just checked this on PC and it works when you create the file on PC. I think the carriage returns upset it from the Mac version, but it's definitely working by hand editing on PC.

  2. This just doesn't work on Windows. Tried it over and over even with variations of the line break.They must parse the text.

    How frustrating.

  3. Hi,
    I wonder if one can use the same kind of tweak to improve Print module functionality?
    – I would love to control what font and what size is used when printing variable image information from metadata onb a batch of prints. An image title does not look very classy in Arial 12 – 16 pts.
    Regards Peter P.

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