July 15, 2024


I’m just back from Hamps Hall in the Peak District of the UK. I was there teaching lighting and Lightroom/Photoshop for a photo retreat run by Paul RG Haley. I’ve actually lost track of how many of these I’ve done now. Galway had an airport when it started, so getting there was easy!

I’ve blogged about what has become known as Buxton training before here, here and here.

I love doing these. The trainers here are excellent with a huge gamut of teaching from a broad range of topics from wedding lighting and posing, to studio, software, boudoir and art nude. As well as the teaching, there are time slots for each model for 1:1 work, meaning you can apply the training and use the photos from those sessions for portfolio.

I absolutely recommend going on these annuals trips to anyone. The pricing on them is fantastic-the accommodation alone would be most of the price, but you get food and training on top!

This time around I brought the Fuji XPro1 with 18-55mm and 35mm lenses, along with rebadged Godox v850 flashes. Love the control you get from these Li-ion flashes with the FT-16s. A bit like speed light versions of the Quadra. While there isn’t a modelling bulb, there is a red criss-cross pattern light that lets you see where the flash is pointed before adding a modifier. I also used my MagMod gels and grids and the Lastolite Trifold brolly. These make for a great travel photo lighting kit. Now if only I could figure out how to get light stands in carry on.

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