March 5, 2024

I’ve done a bunch recently over on Lightroom-News, but it’s time for some for me 🙂

  • James Duncan Davidson is continuing his series on photo backup and storage, over at O’Reillys Inside Lightroom.
  • Matt Kloskowski has new presets for download over at Lightroom Killer Tips. A day late (again-just kidding Matt!), these new presets give an older, tinted, look to your photographs.
  • Joe over at Lightroom Galleries has updated the LRG FSS Select Gallery to version 1.1. Check out the sample gallery.
  • Speaking of Galleries, Matthew Campagna has released a beta version of a gallery provisionally titled “TTG Feedback Gallery”. It’s based on his Selection gallery, which I really like. Find out more from this Lightroom Forums post.
  • Jeffrey Friedl is also updating things, this time it’s adding to his recent ‘Piglet’ development for Export Presets. This updates adds a “Run any Command” feature, allowing you to run a command line tool (eg Exiftool) as part of your Export Plugin.
  • Not strictly Lightroom, but very Camera Raw, Jeff Schewe was interviewed by Bert Monroy for his Pixel Perfect podcast.
  • I forgot to mention it last week, but SlideShowPro for Lightroom has been updated to V1.06.
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