June 21, 2024

20150526 GalwayIR 8248

Using False Color is a popular way to change the look of files shot with infra red converted cameras, or with IR filters. Normally this has to be done with Photoshop, but thanks to the help of Jarno from Capture Monkey, it’s now possible to do it in Lightroom.

Creating an IR Profile.


Red Blue Swap Profiles.


2 thoughts on “Creating False Color Infrared in Lightroom

  1. Thanks for the tutorial, unfortunately after selecting the Red/Blue swap from the profile list the whole image turns Blue, even the white balance selector doesn’t remove the colour cast.
    This is selected after I have used the custom DNG camera profile.
    Any suggestions.
    Many thanks

    1. The whole point of a red blue swap is that the image becomes blue. Clicking on foliage in the image is telling Lightroom where a neutral tone is- you want the foliage to be white in this case. You’ll never remove a blue cast because it’s now a predominately blue image. You can make further changes using HSL.

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