Creating an IR Camera Profile


Hi Folks,
I did a version of this video a while ago, but never published it properly. After going through a series of Screen Capture applications, I’m now mixing Screenflow with Stomp to give you these, hopefully, improved videos with zooming and panning.

This video covers the creation of a camera profile for my Infrared Camera, a converted Canon 400D. The conversion was done by Advanced Camera Services in the UK (they also do it for Europe), but Life Pixel do it in the US.

Now, I’m still getting used to Screenflow, and I will improve the audio further (it’s still better than a lot of videos I see online), so bear with me. The intro was done with the 5D Mark II, so try not to laugh too hard.

Addendum: I said color calibration when I meant white balance as I hovered over the WB slider in the DNG profile editor. Also you can get the Matt Dawson script I mentioned from his site, The Photo Geek.

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