July 19, 2024

So who’s posting what?

There’s 2 official Adobe Blogs announcing the launch. The Photoshop.com blog with loads of videos, and the Lightroom Journal one with camera/lens additions and Known Issues.

Adobe also have a FAQ post on Lightroom.

The official Help Page for Lightroom 5 is http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom.html. Currently the internal help is going to Lightroom 4. They’re resolving this.

Lightroom 5: Up to Speed‘ is a new Craft and Vision Book from Piet Van den Eynde. 77 page book on Lightroom 5, with 50+ minutes of video.

Julianne Kost has a whole ‘What’s New in Lightroom 5′ series on Adobe TV.

Laura Shoe has a video on updating your catalog.

Ian Lyons gives his overview of Lightroom 5 with tonnes of videos.

NAPP have a Lightroom 5 Launch Center.

F-Stoppers have an overview too.

CNET gives it 4/5.

Terry White has a portrait retouch with Lightroom 5. Here’s the embed:

The Lightroom Lab have tonnes of little videos.

Victoria Bampton, the Lightroom Queen, has a quick look. No doubt working hard on her FAQ book!

Jeffrey Friedl, being a creator of many a Publish Service plugin, has a warning on selections in Grid mode of Publish Services: (Make your selections in the Filmstrip basically).

John Beardsworth has a collection of stuff on Lightroom Solutions.

George Jardine’s Image Correction Master Class includes Lightroom 5 specific material.

D65 have a whole series of Lightroom 5 workshops coming up.

Howard Pinksy has just posted his ‘scoop’ on Lightroom 5.

And of course my own Lightroom 5 posts: Features and Feelings.

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