July 15, 2024

NewImageLightroom Queen Victoria Bampton has launched

Adobe Lightroom 5 – The Missing FAQ. This is the newest in the series, and updated for Lightroom 5. With the short beta period, it’s been hard going for Victoria, but the work is finally done. The book features a cover by Erik Bernskiold.

So what is ‘The Missing FAQ’ all about? Essentially this is a book of questions and answers. It ranges from things like how tools work, to fixes for common problems and even things like catalog corruption.

The digital version is 622 pages, with the paperback running at 574. The PDF version is available right now, with the epub/Kindle & paperback versions to follow. One advantage to a digital version is that it’s searchable, so this may be a consideration in your purchase. It’s available now at the discounted price of £14.95.

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