May 23, 2024

Well now,
I’m sure I’ve lost some regular readers with my lack of updates, but it’s been super hectic around here recently with things.
I’ve so much on that’s it hard to keep control over it sometimes. I’ve started to pour my brain into a cool little Mac app called Task Paper. It’s keeping and lid on my todo list and helping get things done. I will now add a Lightroom Blog project and keep my links ready for blogging.

I’ve done a little video on some workflow for Landscapes in Lightroom. The video is done, but I need to script the audio and redo it. It’s acceptable as is, but I want better. It’ll be early next week I suspect before that happens.

There’s been a few interesting things come up in the Lightroom world since I last posted.

Matt Kloskowski from Lightroom Killer Tips sent out a reader request for Preset ideas and came back with a rather long list! I suggested Creative Sharpening, while someone made mention of my Infrared preset on Inside Lightroom.

I mentioned Scott Kelbys V2.0 Wishlist over at , but here I’ll make mention of his followup post. I really want to highlight something he says, because it’s worth expanding on.
As Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty mentioned in his blog post on Monday, to get all the things included on my 2.0 wishlist (now known as “our mutual wishlist” because your ideas are more important than mine) would take literally years (and after meeting with them, I have a much better understanding of why).

The Lightroom team is pretty small. And Scott’s list is pretty big. And that list is probably more akin to the feature list of a version 10 product like Photoshop! So along with all the normal things like work, vacations, meetings, Summits, there is only so much coding that can get done in the time alloted to create a new version. And adding people mid project doesn’t make it faster, because bringing them up to speed takes time too.
I’m sure there will be lots of new features in Lightroom v2.0 whenever it appears, and I’m sure we all be surprised to find that Adobe was listening. Look at the forums: Not just Adobe’s User to User forums, Adobe people have responded to posts in Lightroom Forums.Net and even in the Adobe Lightroom Group on Flickr. They care. And that can only be good for us users at the end of the day.

Anyhow, enough rambling from me, have a great weekend. I’ll be watching Ireland beat Italy (Well I hope after out poor Rubgy World cup performance that we will!) in the first game of Six Nations league tomorrow. Hopefully all those Stateside will have a good Superbowl also!

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