July 19, 2024

Rectangle – 300 x 250

It’s probably the most spectacular photo learning bundle I’ve seen ever. I bought the first 5 day deal ages ago and loved it. And I got the 2nd one without even thinking about it. I already own Zack Arias OneLight 2.0, The Created Image series, loads of the ebooks, and I still bought it. It’s that incredible.

As well as Lightroom specific products like Andrew S Gibson great eBook series, Lindsay Adler and David duChemin’s Presets, there’s a wealth of videos on Lighting, Fashion, Photo techniques, Photoshop, Landscapes and Compositing/Masking. There’s at least one product to suit any photographer, and the $89 price is below the retail price of many of the individual items in the bundle. Take Lindsay Adlers ‘Designing an Image’ which lists for $225, or Alex Koloskvs ‘ADVANCED TECHNIQUES IN LIQUID & SPLASH HI-SPEED PHOTOGRAPHY’-Available to the first 10,000 only. Also limited to the first 10,000, is ‘Portrait Lighting On Location’ By Darlene Hildebrandt.


As if this weren’t enough incentive, you also get tonnes of Photoshop Actions from luminaries like Amanda Diaz, and textures from Lindsay Adler and Jaime Ibarra.

As a final mention, as well as Presets, there’s also a number of David duChemin books, and even the 14+ hour set of the ‘The Created Image’ video set. I bought this on offer during the year and it’s really inspiring and informative.

You will not get a better bang for your buck in photo education this year, this really is the bundle of the year. You’ve only got 4 more days. So what are you waiting for? Go get it.

That is an affiliate link, yes.. and I bought the product myself, because it really is that spectacular.

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