May 21, 2024

Matthew over at the turning gate has a new Simple Viewer Gallery. Excellent stuff. I wanted to do this but didn’t because I couldn’t figure out how to get over the issue of creating an external gallery.xml file, different to the one required by the gallery. I just wasn’t thinking laterally enough. Matthew’s solution is both simple and elegant. He creates it in the transformer.xslt file. I feel foolish for not thinking of this!
Anyhow, it works well and has the ability to be modified further. I’ll probably be sitting on the edge of the pool in Majorca next week trying to bust it into shape for my website!
Cheers Matthew!
Update Matthew is up to version 1.2.1 now, with a cool look that emulates the Flash gallery. You can now change the internals of the SimpleViewer gallery.xml and add ID Plate, Watermark and contact information. I’ve learned loads from seeing Matthew’s code.
Update 2 Wow! we’re up to version 1.3 already. I’ve made a version for my own use at The ID Plate is not functioning correctly, but I’ll modify it shortly (or maybe on the beach!)

2 thoughts on “Simple Viewer Gallery

  1. sean, i was able to generate an completely new xml file with images paths so that it can be pulled into an swf and read. Im not sure if that is what you were trying to figure out how to do our not.

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