May 19, 2024

Currently there are a few ways to find using mulitple keywords. The first one is to click on multiple keywords in the keywords pane. This acts as OR logic, ie images containing either keyword will be displayed. The AND logic is achieved by putting multiple keywords in the Find pane, in the Text box. In this instance an image must contain both keywords to be displayed. Finally, the NOT logic isn’t quite as obvious. It requires putting an exclamation mark (!) before the keyword, eg If I want to see images keyworded with Majorca, but not those from it capital Palma, I would enter Majorca !Palma into the Text box in Find.
You can mix and match between these to create combinations of AND, OR and NOT logic in searching.

4 thoughts on “Keyword Search Logic

  1. jurgen: You might rename your keywords and replace the space with an underscore. I think that the easy way to do it is to select the keyword in the Keywords panel, select all pictures that have the keyword and edit the keyword in the right hand side Keywords info panel.

    When you hit the enter all the keywords will be changed in every picture that is selected.


  2. Got another keyword issue. I have multiple keywords consisting of 2 words, but they share one of those words with other keywords (for example, keyword 1 is “rubber duck”, keyword 2 is “living duck”).

    However the word Rubber (in this case) can be found in other keywords as well. So when I look for Rubber Duck with the AND logic, I see photo’s of living ducks with the extra keyword rubber as well.

    What I need is basically google’s quotation marks. However, they don’t work in LR. Is there another way to do this?

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