June 17, 2024

Plugins & Presets

Here are a selection of the commercially produced Plugins and Presets for Lightroom under the Lightroom Blog (LRB) banner. Plugins are add-ons to Lightroom that increases functionality, while Presets are files that apply Develop settings to an image. The last three are for the Web Module in Lightroom, and are sold through Photographers-Toolbox.com. If you’re looking for Timelapse related stuff, go here.

LRB Presets Pack Serenity

LRB Preset Pack Serenity is an update and expansion of my original Vol 1 pack under the Lightroom Blog (LRB) banner. It’s a set of over 30 presets that range from B&W to heavily processed colour looks for people photography. It borrows a lot from current fashion trends, but is equally at home with bands, portraits as well as fashion. Inspiration for each preset has come from a variety of sources such as magazine editorials, lookbooks and the work of a range of photographers. With just one click you can get the finishing touch on your image-or even batches of images instantly.

Click the link below to see a full set of previews or to purchase.

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LRB Grads

To aid users in selecting the right look for their landscape images, I’ve created a set of over 100 Graduated Filter presets to get you started with making creative choices for your images. Covering both landscape and portrait orientations, as well as hard and soft line filters, these filters come in 3 standard colours: ND (Grey), Blue and Tobacco. As is also standard, they come in strengths of 1 stop (0.3), 2 stops (0.6) and 3 stops (0.9). To aid in positioning, the filters have 3 positions: Top, Middle and Bottom, giving you a good starting point for your photo.

In addition, there’s also a set of Sunset Grad filters to darken and warm the sky, along with warming the foreground. The final set of filters are based on the sharpening in Lightroom, where below -50 on the Sharpness control acts as lens blur. This enable the creation of the new TiltShift presets included in this pack.

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LRB Textures

Cracks, Bumps and Scratches

Formerly available on the onOne Marketplace, but now available here instead, here’s a pack of 12 high resolution textures to add a little more to your photos. These are hand picked from the collection that I personally use myself. Many of the images using them have received Gold and Highly Commended awards in competition. The set is a diverse mix of textures that can be used to enhance backgrounds. Ranging from cracked earth to cracked walls, these textures allow you to add more drama to your images. By lightening or darkening the textures, you can change the effect on the photo, as well as the saturation of the image.

  • 12 High Resolution Textures
  • For use in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Perfect Photo Suite
  • Perfect for Album Layouts, Scrapbooks and more
  • Use as Texture Overlays or Backgrounds.

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LRB Portfolio

LRB Portfolio is a gallery plugin for Lightroom from V2 to V5. It extends the premise of a web gallery creator and turns it into a complete portfolio website for the photographer. Using the currently popular scrolling gallery design, this makes getting a website ready and online a breeze for the code shy.

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LRB Exhibition

LRB Exhibition is a ‘Website in a gallery’ plugin for Lightroom’s Web module. From the Portfolio family, it allows the user to create home, about, contact and general use pages, along with 7 galleries, 1 custom page and 2 external links. The main image area in the gallery is based around a single image preview. The menu and logo branding can be placed over this image, or set outside it. Using jQuery, each slide can be navigated to either using the navigation arrows, or numbered links to the relevant slide, along with a Slideshow option. Other features include per page image and text placement and a floating text box.

Compatible with Lightroom 2-6.

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LRB Showcase

LRB Showcase is a Web Gallery Plugin for Lightroom 2-6, designed for showing a small number of images in a scrolling gallery. It displays large images which automatically resize to fit the screen size. Information about the gallery is visible by hovering over the bottom of the page. The gallery also features customisable logo via the Idenitiy Plate and logo positioning. The logo can link back to another page, acting as a handy back button. There is also a Contact Name option to trigger either another page or as an email contact.

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