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Timelapse in Lightroom 5.2


A fix for the sub zero second issue with timelapse in Lightroom 5.0 has been fixed. You must use a 29.97fps setting inside the template file, other settings like 30fps will cause flickering.

Here’s such a preset. For video export, you just use the standard Lightroom video 720p and 1080p video presets. Please note this means you only have the internal 29.97 fps playback, with no options for 24fps etc.

Download Slideshow Template.

To install, unzip, then in Slideshow, right click on an User Templates in the Template Broweser.¬†Choose ‘Import’. Find the unzipped file, and press ‘Import’.*

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 20.30.01

Here’s a video created with this.


*Please note this is for Slideshow. THIS IS NOT A DEVELOP PRESET.


Mark has asked for a tutorial in the comments. I’ll probably do an expanded version, but in the meantime:

You install the template in Slideshow as above. Then

  1. Create a collection of the time-lapse photos.
  2. Go to Slideshow.
  3. Select the template from the Template Browser.
  4. Click Export Video at the bottom of the Left Panel.
  5. Choose what resolution you want 720, 1080 etc in Video Preset.
  6. Choose a filename and path then click Export.


44 thoughts on “Timelapse in Lightroom 5.2

  1. Terry Lane

    Does anyone know hoe to slow down my TImeLapse videos?

    I have tried different fps rates but all do the same thing.

    Ive also tried taking stills at different interval speeds as well, ie: 3 sec, 5 sec 10 sec

    All my videos turn out lightning fast.

    What am I doing wrong?

    1. seanmcfoto Post author

      You can’t manually select subsecond timings directly in Lightroom. Timelapse videos are fast.. 30 images every second.

  2. Nathan Smith

    I’ve used your software plug-in before, but now I’m finding it is cutting off the last 20 or so photos. Does it need an even multiple of 30 (29.97 photos per second)?

    Any idea why this would be happening. LR CC 2015 v 2. It looks great, just missing the last 20 or so photos.

    1. seanmcfoto Post author

      Haven’t noticed this. It may well do Nathan, but I’d have to run tests myself. It’s possible the codec needs exact numbers, but I don’t see why it should.

      1. DavePerks

        I’m experiencing the same problem and have been trying to fix it most of the day. The last photo in my timelapse is very important to the concept overall. There’s no way to predict how many will be cut off. I’ve tried taking a few off the front end, but it still does the same thing. Have you tested it? Thanks!

        1. seanmcfoto Post author

          To be clear on this Dave, the template matches the frame rate that Lightroom exports at, nothing more, nothing less. The actual video creation is done by Lightroom and if it’s dropping frames, there’s pretty much nothing can be done. I tried a black & white image as a final frame, and it’s not showing for me either, so obviously frames are being dropped.

    2. Sean McCormack Post author

      Nathan, I’ve checked and Lightroom 5 is doing the same thing, so it’s directly related to Lightroom’s video export mechanism. I’m gonna check it in 4 as well.

      1. Sean McCormack Post author

        And 4 is perfect, so it’s definitely the video engine change that happened between 4 and 5 that’s giving the dropped frames.

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