May 21, 2024

LRB QuickSlide is a basic Flash slideshow gallery for Lightroom. It generates a 620X400 flash SWF in a blank index page that you can then add to another page. Handy for quick galleries and things like Myspace pages etc. Based on some of the code from the not yet released LRB Flash Gallery, there is very little to change in this gallery bar the Flash background colour and the page background colour.


To add the code from this gallery simply copy everything between (and including) and to the new page. Keep the gallery structure intact and you’ll be away.

This is free, but includes a link page to my shop page. I will put a donationware version of this online soon, minus the logo and link.
Also on the page is a little icon of slides. Clicking this will stop the slideshow running. Clicking of the left side of the image will go back one photo and on the right will go forward one. The slideshow loops, as will any clicking.

Maybe when I learn to use Flashvars, I’ll be able to add things like slideshow timings and borders, but it the meantime, this is it!

Note: Because Lightroom uses Explorer as the plugin preview browser on PC, it cannot load other plugins like Flash, therefore this does not Preview on PC. Sorry, but I have to use HTML to map to XML here for the gallery, and I can’t do it any other way (as in, it’s not in my skill set). If you comment that you can’t preview it on PC, I won’t approve the comment, because I’ve already mentioned it. (Cue loads of comments on PC vs Mac that won’t get by either). When you export an SWF in Flash, it allows either local or network access, so you have to preview online. I’m not trying to alienate users here! Really!

Download | Sample Gallery | Installation Instructions

Update: Using XML to create the Speed slider as suggested by John Beardsworth, I’ve now updated to version 1.01 which has a speed slider from 2-10 secs. Also I moved the slideshow icon to prevent it hiding the watermark. Download 1.01

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