April 21, 2024

There’s an article on Nikon Mode Presets over at Nikonians.

In it Rick from Colorado states:
“Try these camera calibration settings in Lightroom. They’re not an exact match for Mode III, but they’ll get you in the ballpark.
Red Hue: -25
Red Saturation: +35

Green Hue: 0
Green Satuation: +10

Blue Hue: +10
Blue Saturation: -25

Depending on which contrast setting you prefer in Capture or in-camera, you may need to adjust some of the other parameters as well. A “normal contrast” setting in NX is similar to a “strong” contrast curve and a contrast setting of around 30-35 in Lightroom. These settings work fine in ACR as well.

In practice, I have presets in Lightroom and ACR called Mode III Color, Mode II Color and Mode III Default. The first and second simply change the values on the camera calibration tab, with the Mode III one using the values I just mentioned, and the Mode II reflecting zeroed settings. Those enable me to quickly change between two different color palettes. The Mode III Default setting incorporates color mode, tone curve and contrast values and gives me the equivalent of Mode III and a normal contrast curve. It replicates a combination I use frequently with Capture.

Rick, Nikonian in Colorado”

2 thoughts on “Lightroom and Nikon Modes

  1. if you set the Raw settings that Capture Nx recognizes to middle of the road, then the pictures in both applications are very close when using the edited ACR settings noted earlier in Lightroom. Otherwise is off just a bit, maybe more green try +20 and +10 saturation. just an opinion, try for yourself, we all see colour a little differently, just ask my wife… lol..so if it looks good to you then it is, all a matter of opinion. cheers

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