May 21, 2024

Adobe Evangelist George Jardine has uploaded Podcast #28 to his iDisk. It features Lightroom UI designer Phil Clevenger, Lightroom Creator Mark Hamburg and User Researcher Grace Kim. It should be available in iTunes soon or via the Lightroom Podcast RSS feed.
George has left a little of the light banter in at the start. I wondered if it was accidental, but he’s assured me it’s deliberate.

From the show notes:
“I think pretty much any software has a personality, but a lot of times it’s something that one sort of stumbles into, and people don’t think about that as part of the design process. When I started the project, I wanted to do something that was more visually interesting, for example, than Photoshop, and tried some directions in that regard. And I did bad KPT imitations.” – Mark Hamburg

“I think the exercise really brought to light people’s implicit assumptions about what they thought the Shadowland personality was, or should be. Things that were kind of hard to articulate, but people just had them as working assumptions.” – Grace Kim

“While people in different parts of the country may have different notions of what sleek or stylish may mean, I think everybody knows what butter is.” – Phil “Butter” Clevenger

This podcast was recorded on Monday December 11th, 2006, at Adobe headquarters in San Jose, California. In this podcast, we take a retrospective look at the entire design process of Shadowland, and how personality played a role in the final look and feel of the software. Phil discusses the efforts that went into designing Shadowland to help keep your photography the focus of attention, and visually more important on the screen than the user interface.

The views and opinions of the participants in this podcast are their own, and do not reflect or represent those of Adobe Systems.

Duration: 29:01

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