May 18, 2024

‘Where the #%*! Are My Pictures?’: Luminous Landscape Guide to Asset Management is a downloadable tutorial with Michael Reichmann and Seth Resnick. This has been on the market for quite a while, but I’ve not really had the time to purchase and download it until now. Weighing in at almost 3Gb, it’s a substantial download. The question is, is it worth getting?

Well to answer that let’s take a look at what it contains. Essentially these videos are Seth Resnick talking about how he uses Lightroom as an Asset Management tool. Michael interjects with his opinion when it suits, but essentially this is all about Seth.

The video kicks off introducing concepts and then shows Seth shooting from the roof of his apartment block. They then work through the import process and general management of the images, including filenaming, folder management, metadata templates and even Develop presets on import. Other aspects of file management get covered, like ranking, keywording and filtering are covered. There’s even a section with Seth’s scare story on archiving. For those mixing laptops and desktops, that gets covered also.

The tutorial is very easy to watch. The conversation is quite laid back, and everything is done slowly making it easy to take in. For me it’s covering old ground in a lot of places, but hearing it from the master really helps methods sink in. I found lots of valuable tips, tricks and advice along the way. Even the longer sections seem to fly, a definite sign that Seth makes a dry topic interesting. There’s a lot of banter and joking, but this all adds to making these an easy watch.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this to all users of Lightroom, no matter what their experience level with asset management. There’s something here for everyone. For the record, I did purchase this myself, and have no ties or affiliation with the title.

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