July 15, 2024

As you can probably guess from my recent review of the WAMP tutorial, I’m in an asset management state of mind. As part of the process, I’m starting to build up better keywording. My list is not completely flat, but it’s not anywhere near hierarchical. With that in mind, I’m building lists. So here’s my Action Keyword List. This is about 250+ ‘ing’ words, like swimming, running, crying, bobbing etc. I made this list by searching for action words. I was thinking that if you had a collection of images that contained at least one of each of the words, you’d have a good stock selection. To install, unzip and then in Library, choose Metadata>Import Keywords. The top level keyword (Action) won’t export.

You can learn more about Keyword lists from Richard Earney’s article on Lightroom News. Also you can get other free lists from Nick Potter. I’ve added to his Geography list for myself with Irish Provinces and Counties.

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