May 23, 2024


I secretly have been hoping someone would ask about the cool fonts I’ve been using in my ID plates and Copyright Watermarks. But of course noone has. Shame really because it would lead me to telling you about my favourite place for comic books fonts on the net. They’re even free..

Yep… Free. Of course they do sell fonts as well, but they have a wealth of the coolest free fonts to use to create your Identity Plate. And they are Blambot. Check them out. Cracked is one of my favourites, but isn’t there any more. Recently I’ve been using Crime Fighter and my new, about to be released, Website in a Gallery: LRB Portfolio, uses Mainframe. Seriously though have a look..


8 thoughts on “Pimping your Identity Plate.

  1. Hi Sean,
    Sorry I didn’t ask but they are great and something I have been after for a while.
    My last attempt to find something similiar failed miserably when I purchased a UK magazine called “Web Designer” It was a waste of $15 because the muppets forgot to put any of the software on their free disc.

    cheers Eric

  2. Great coincidink! Bookmarked your site some time ago intending to ask about lots of stuff including fonts! Stop in today, and cool fonts are the blog-of-the-day! Thanks! My seamstress/wife/lover will make use of the fonts in quilt writing and more!

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