June 21, 2024

A comment in the HS Web post got me started thinking about creating a far more customisable and cleaner version of a ‘Website in a Gallery’ Web plugin. I’ve literally spent almost all my spare time rewriting this from the ground up since then. In fact all the code has been completely replaced the with new Lightroom 2.0 SDK code and so is brand new. Even the Contact Form has been updated to give much prettier returns.


LRB Porfolio features.

  • A true Website in a Gallery.
  • Lightroom 2 compatible-Not for Lightroom 1
  • Wesbite featuring a Home, About and Contact pages, along with up to 6 galleries or external links.
  • A PHP contact form to make you contactable, but keeping your email address hidden.
  • For those without PHP, a series of contact details that you can pick and choose between, including Contact Name, Email, email link, phone number, address etc.
  • Choose the images for the Home, About and Contact page yourself.
  • Colour controls for each section of the page.
  • Simple clean look, with scrolling galleries, a popular look currently.
  • All HTML and CSS, so compatible for a wide range of users.
  • Full User Guide (that took a bit of time!)
  • Controls for menu and Identity Plate placement (left, centre, right)
  • Full Lightroom 2 SDK code, including new Output Sharpening code.
  • Requires only minor HTML for line breaks, otherwise code free for the User
  • Requires no HTML editor
  • Optional Right Click and Drag Disable
  • There’s a wealth of stuff changed from the original proof of concept code I had with HS Web. Again, as with LRB Graduated Filters, I’ve put a lot of work into this and approached it as a commercial venture. I am aware though that the appeal of such a gallery is relatively limited. Most people already have a website, so something that creates an entire site is less of an appeal that a simple gallery to show off. However for those looking for something quick and easy, this gallery allows you create a whole website with a little advance preparation and some text entry. To add your email address, you edit one file in an text editor once, and then export and upload.

    The cost of the plugin? €15. VAT chargable in the EU. Updates will be free to current users.

    Sample Website | User Guide | Support

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    Update: I’ve added a support thread to Lightroom Forums.
    Update: Now at version 1.01.

    115 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio

    1. Hi Sean, I have used your LRB Portfolio in Lightroom for years. Now I cannot get Lightroom Classic (2022) to upload the my server. I can connect to my server with FileZilla Pro but how can I continue to use LRB Portfolio with Lightroom. I really like the simplicity and look of LRB Portfolio. I realize many years have gone by since I purchased the plug-in and maybe the latest version of Lightroom will no longer work with LRB Portfolio. Or maybe, my web hosting service has migrated to another software platform that is incompatible. Any thoughts or help is much appreciated!

      1. I did have a test version with audio way back, but because each page is individual, it would restart on every page. Not very useful and rather annoying! So, no is the answer.

      1. Hi Hansi,
        It autodetects the current version and applies the relevant watermark code, which is the only real difference between 2&3 for Web. Bear in mind you’re commenting on the original post from 2008, and the main site for this plugin is http://lrbportfolio.com.

    2. Hi Sean,
      I recently purchased LRB Portfolio and received the email with the download link just a day ago. I tried downloading the file but when i do so, the download doesn’t show any packages moving or any downloadspeed or estimated time. I am using Internet Explorer 8 to download, and it downloads other files perfectly.
      I wonder myself if Firefox or any other browser would fix the problem, but i don’t want to waste my limited 9 attempts, of which i might have used a few already while trying to download the file.

      Thanks in advance for the help. Marianne

      1. Just go with Firefox. LRB Portfolio gets downloads reset up until version 3.0, so it’s not something you need to worry about.

    3. Hi Sean – have been playing around with LRB Portfolio, it’s everything I’ve been looking for. I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to website design, so finding this was superb. After a few days messing around I’ve created this http://www.malgphotography.co.uk – this will be refined and improved with time and experience. LRB Portfolio is an absolute bargain and worth three times what you are charging. Thank you.

    4. Hi Gareth, it’s the role of the host. Once the files are exported from the Web Module, it’s in the users hands to get them online. It isn’t that hard. Maybe try some of the free hosts to get practice before going live with the real thing?

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