June 22, 2024

A comment in the HS Web post got me started thinking about creating a far more customisable and cleaner version of a ‘Website in a Gallery’ Web plugin. I’ve literally spent almost all my spare time rewriting this from the ground up since then. In fact all the code has been completely replaced the with new Lightroom 2.0 SDK code and so is brand new. Even the Contact Form has been updated to give much prettier returns.


LRB Porfolio features.

  • A true Website in a Gallery.
  • Lightroom 2 compatible-Not for Lightroom 1
  • Wesbite featuring a Home, About and Contact pages, along with up to 6 galleries or external links.
  • A PHP contact form to make you contactable, but keeping your email address hidden.
  • For those without PHP, a series of contact details that you can pick and choose between, including Contact Name, Email, email link, phone number, address etc.
  • Choose the images for the Home, About and Contact page yourself.
  • Colour controls for each section of the page.
  • Simple clean look, with scrolling galleries, a popular look currently.
  • All HTML and CSS, so compatible for a wide range of users.
  • Full User Guide (that took a bit of time!)
  • Controls for menu and Identity Plate placement (left, centre, right)
  • Full Lightroom 2 SDK code, including new Output Sharpening code.
  • Requires only minor HTML for line breaks, otherwise code free for the User
  • Requires no HTML editor
  • Optional Right Click and Drag Disable
  • There’s a wealth of stuff changed from the original proof of concept code I had with HS Web. Again, as with LRB Graduated Filters, I’ve put a lot of work into this and approached it as a commercial venture. I am aware though that the appeal of such a gallery is relatively limited. Most people already have a website, so something that creates an entire site is less of an appeal that a simple gallery to show off. However for those looking for something quick and easy, this gallery allows you create a whole website with a little advance preparation and some text entry. To add your email address, you edit one file in an text editor once, and then export and upload.

    The cost of the plugin? €15. VAT chargable in the EU. Updates will be free to current users.

    Sample Website | User Guide | Support

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    Update: I’ve added a support thread to Lightroom Forums.
    Update: Now at version 1.01.

    115 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio

    1. That sounds simple enough but probably more complex in doing it. When I get round to uploading to my domain name do I contact you for help or do I contact the people I got the domain name from. As I said I am not that technically minded when it comes to doing this with websites. I am wanting to purchase LRB Portfolio soon as my current website expires soon.

    2. Im thinking about purchasing LRB Portfolio as my friend has it already and I think it looks great. I already have my own domain name. How do I come about linking it to my domain name and making it live once I have made the website. This is my biggest concern as not technically minded and want to keep my domain.

      1. HI Gareth,
        You need to have the domain name linked to web space, usually via the nameserver from the web space hosting company. Then you just upload to that space as per the instructions provided by the host.

    3. I’ve just spent a few bucks on this superb gallery, there is just one small thing I wan’t to mention…

      The price is stated (above) as “The cost of the plugin? €10” but you charge 15€ for it.. no big deal, but you might want to correct the price here… 😉

    4. Sean – great template / plugin. Good value for money. Seem to have it working OK. A nice to have would be the option in the galleries to switch to a thumbnail view. Don’t know if its a browser thing but I get white space (running a grey background) at the bottom of safari windows until I refresh

      1. Hi Rob,
        A thumbnail view wouldn’t work with this design. The white space thing is slightly baffling. I have height set to 100% to prevent it, but it still happens from time to time.

    5. Hi Alecia,
      Change the number of images in Gallery 2 to 20. You don’t need to enter the total number of images, just the number in each Gallery (20 in this case for both gallery 1 and gallery 2).

    6. Hi Alecia,
      I need to see the filmstrip ,toolbar and the gallery controls (Gallery 1 and Gallery 2).
      That message only comes up when there’s not enough images selected.

    7. Hi, thanks for the response, they are in one collection and the the gallery 2 is checked, I can send you a screen capture- if that is ok?

    8. hi,
      i have your template, love it. I have 40 images that I want to put in 2 galleries in my lightroom collection called LRB portfolio, when I open teh WEB module, I put 1-20 in the gallery 1 and 21-40 in gallery 2.. but nothing show up in gallery 2..what am I doing wrong?

      1. Hard to know without seeing a screen capture. Is the Checkbox for Gallery 2 ticked to turn it on? Are all 40 images in one collection (not collection set)?

    9. Hello, I'm having trouble with posting galleries. I can get one gallery up, but then everything gets jumble when I try to go to the 2nd one. The whole format changes, and I can't even post any photographs. I've scoured the forums, but can't seem to figure out the problem.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, I love this so far, and really want to keep using it!

    10. Re: the menu, no idea Mike, first I’ve heard of such an issue. Use the support thread link in the post as comments are not a great place to solve this.

      Re the mail thing, it means your PHP doesn’t support the contact form in it’s current form. I’ll look at it later and see if I can spot something, again take this to the support thread.

    11. Hi Sean, I love this, thanks very much! I have a few problems though, wondered if anyone could help? My initial website looks great however….when you open up any of the galleries, the menus dissappear, they stay on the ‘about’, ‘home’ and ‘contact’ pages though. Also the email gives me this error message:-

      “Notice: Undefined index: imageName in E:domainsmmickspix.co.ukuserhtdocsmail.php on line 35

      Warning: mail() [function.mail]: “sendmail_from” not set in php.ini or custom “From:” header missing in E:domainsmmickspix.co.ukuserhtdocsmail.php on line 50
      Can’t send email to.. “

      I’m not big on coding….any ideas?

      Thanks again, Mike

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