July 19, 2024

There is a Lightroom group on Flickr.com for anyone interested. As well as showing off images processed in Lightroom, there is an active discussion area. There are a number of prerelease testers active in the group, meaning that information can filter back to the team from there.

2 thoughts on “Lightroom on Flickr

  1. Definitely not going away Fred, there will be some great content going up there soon. I’ve just been tipping away here adding bits. Video tutorials will be going in on LRN, rather than here, but I do have a few plans for here.
    I know Jeff and Martin have some stuff getting ready to go too, and that’ll be worth waiting for.

  2. Hey Sean,

    It seems as if more items are going up here than on Lightroom News. Is news going away? Can I delete my link to it? Thanks.

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