July 15, 2024

Lightroom Illuminated is a new section on Michael Reichmanns Luminous Landscape website. It covers written tips and advice on using Lightroom, along with ways of adapting it to your workflow. Of the new section, Michael says:
“Regular readers know that I have been involved with Adobe Lightroom as an alpha and beta tester for some time. I have produced several video tutorials on the program, and this site saw a number of beta-related Lightroom articles during 2006.

Now, with the launch of Lightroom V1.0, together with video producer Chris Sanderson and Adobe Photoshop guru Jeff Schewe, I have produced an in-depth multi-hour video tutorial on Lightroom – currently available for download in instalments.

In addition, this page will feature, from time to time, miscellaneous tips on how to get the most from Lightroom. It is not intended as a regular column – simply a place for me to provide some insights about the program, its use, and related topics.

Needless to say, all of this is not because of any commercial relationship with Adobe, but simply because I found the concept, and then the execution of Lightroom, to offer the photographer (me, initially) a set of superbly designed tools for accomplishing the tasks needed when working with digital files.”

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