July 20, 2024

You, Lightroom User, are you on Twitter? You should be. Twitter is not for breakfast or airport discussion, although I’m sure some people do. It’s about conversations. It’s also about resources, and for Lightroom users, it’s a great resource. Twitter happens to be full of helpful folk that are active in the Lightroom community. From Adobe Community Professtionals, to Adobe staff, to people that simply like to give, there’s a whole range of people out there giving. Get following these people so you can access their knowledge.

@LightroomQueen We’ll start with the ladies, and Victoria Bampton is probably the busiest lady in the Lightroom community. She runs LightroomForums.net and is the author of various incarnations of ‘Adobe Lightroom: The Missing FAQ’.

@Lightroom_Laura Laura Shoe is the creator of the Lightroom Fundamentals DVD and a fellow Adobe Help moderator.

@LRSecrets Gene McCullagh runs LightroomSecrets.com, a busy and helpful resource for Lightroom. He is also the Co-Founder, Manager and a frequent blogger for the Dallas Fort Worth Adobe User Group.

@Lightroomers Rob Sylvan is a photographer, trainer, author, and web developer. Aside from also being a NAPP Help Desk Specialist, and instructor for the Perfect Picture School of Photography and the host of Peachpit’s Lightroom Resource Center. He was formerly the Site Director for iStockphoto.

@Lightroom is Adobe’s official twitter presence for Lightroom.

@julieannekost Julianne is the Adobe Lightroom Evangelist and tweets regularly with helpful tips for both Photoshop and Lightroom.

@xequals Brandon Oelling was one of the bloggers for O’Reillys Inside Lightroom. With X-Equals.com he presents a range of contributers with photographic help, including Lightroom articles.

@NatCoalson Nat is a Lightroom Author and a regular on the NAPP forums.

@Colortrails Dan Moughamian is an Author, Adobe & Mac Evangelist, Digital Imaging Guru. His blog features a large range of photo related topics including Lightroom.

@heninger Wade Heninger is a former Adobe employee and each Tuesday (or Wednesday!) posts a collection of links to the weeks top Lightroom articles, along with a few other special choices.

@aj_wood AJ is a prolific content creator, as displayed in his recent iCreate series.

@methodphoto Richard Earney runs InsideLightroom.com and hosts tonnes of free presets for Lightroom

@barbaricca John Beardsworth is a profilc author of both books and plugins. He’s a huge B&W aficianado and can often be seen buried deep in roundheads with his camera at battle reenactments. He hates misuse of apostrophes.

@GlynDewis While his posts can be more Photoshop geared, Glyn is worth a follow for his excellent tips and advice. And because he’s a great bloke.

Well, that’s a pretty big list… don’t forget to follow me too: @lightroomblog. I retweet great articles, my own articles and I’m socially active. I don’t post about food much and only very occasionally from airports.

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