June 17, 2024

In case you’re having issues with Lightroom 5, they’ve posted a list hot issues over on Lightroom Journal.

The list includes:

  • Noise Reduction and Sharpening Not Visible on export
  • Incorrect photos selected when working with Publish Services
  • Presets Disappearing when Upgrading Catalog to Lr5
  • Revel Publish Service
  • Lightroom 5 in the Adobe Application Manager
  • There are also notes on Upgrade eligibility, including a note that those who purchased Lightroom 4 on the Mac App Store are eligible for LR5 Upgrade versions.

    4 thoughts on “Lightroom 5 Hot Issues

    1. Hi, The Publish issue in the release version of 5.2 is still not syncing the filmstrip & grid views. This not only happens in 3rd party plugins, but the installed Flickr plugin. I’ve tried deleting the preferences file, but the problem is still there. I’m not getting any response back or acknowledgement from Adobe that they recognise the problem.

    2. When will these issues be fixed?
      Especially the noise reduction and sharpening on export???
      It’s really disturbing and crippling on the day-to-day work …
      Thank you for your quick and answer and fix !
      best regards

    3. Intuos 5 does not work well with LR5. Sport healing brush freezes after about 5-8 seconds. Random slowing of LR program. Everything returns to normal and works fine using the mouse.

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