July 15, 2024

I got a message from Kodak Product Manager Rob Fassberg this evening announcing a new export Plugin for Lightroom. The king of Plugins, Jeffrey Friedl has written a plugin to allow upload directly to your Kodak account. Here’s what Rob had to say:


I wanted to let you know about the current availability of a Kodak
Gallery Export Plugin for Mac and PC users of Adobe Lightroom
Software. This new Plugin makes it easy for Lightroom users to upload
their photos to KODAK Gallery where they can now order professional
prints and photo books of their best shots. KODAK Gallery
Professional Prints come in a variety of sizes, are printed on
superior quality specialty paper and are available in Pro-Color, True
Black and White and Pro-Metallic finishes.

This plugin was created by Jeffrey Friedl, a well respected Lightroom
plugin author, and is available at
http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/kodak, and will soon be
listed on the Adobe Lightroom Exchange.

Please pass this information on to your blog readers and Facebook
fans, as I think many of them will find this plugin a useful addition
to their Lightroom workflow.


Rob Fassberg
Sr. Product Mgr, Kodak Gallery

If you’re a user of the Kodak Gallery services, then I have to agree, this plugin will be very useful!

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