June 17, 2024

I’m happy to announce that Lr2TweetPhoto is now available. Lr2TweetPhoto is a plugin for Lightroom 2 that allows the user to export a photo to the TweetPhoto online photo service. As with the website, this allows you to either upload the image, or upload and post a message on Twitter, along with a link to the image. This link, the Twitter Username and the URL of the image on TweetPhoto are stored in metadata and accessible via the provided Lr2TweetPhoto Metadata Tagset (or Metadata Viewer Preset as it has been called). The image generated is an sRGB Jpeg, and is put in a temporary location, which is then deleted once the export is finished. You can of course download the file via the link if so desired. If you opt not to post to Twitter, the Message box becomes inaccessible. A Signup button is built in to allow new users to create a Twitter account.

Other features include the ability to add GPS data to the exported image, either manually, from the Lightroom GPS table or via the Geoencode plugin, and image tagging. Both a demo and full version are available. More details can be found at the dedicated page..


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