July 15, 2024

Adobe provide a Software Development Kit to help those interested in creating addons for Lightroom understand what needs to happen. General users of course tend to glaze over at the thought of such things. However, in the case of Lightroom there are a few sample plugins that provide additional tools for Lightroom.

  • FTP Plugin
  • The SDK contains a fully functional FTP plugin.

  • Flickr Plugin
  • There is also a basic Flickr Plugin. It’s not as sophisticated as Jeffrey Friedl’s but handy in a pinch

  • Web Gallery
  • There’s a gallery with a thumbnail section, with one large image. Clicking on a thumbnail will open the relevant image as a large image.

    There’s a few other nifty little plugins there too.

    To get the SDK go to http://www.adobe.com/devnet/lightroom/. Download the SDK and open the zip file. Inside is a folder called Sample Plugins, where you’ll find the Plugins.

    Use the Plugin Manager to add the FTP and Flickr Plugins. The Web Gallery can be installed by putting it into a folder caller Web Galleries inside the Lightroom Presets folder. To open this folder go to Preferences (Edit Menu on PC, Lightroom Menu on Mac), choose the Presets tab and then click the ‘Show Lightroom Presets Folder’ button. You may need to create the Web Galleries folder.

    Pierre from Presets Heaven has done a version of the FTP Plugin. It’s identical to the sample plugin, but with a Presets Heaven logo. If you’re adverse to looking at the SDK, then perhaps that will suit better.

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