July 19, 2024

I’ve given the blog template a bit of an early Spring clean and used the newer functions of Blogger to add labels to the posts to help navigate.
Update: Randy in comments sees a brownish red against black for the titles. I’ve the content section set for a dark read titles against grey. I took the colours from the Monochromatic custom colours in Kuler. It all looks fine to me on Safari, Firefox and Opera. It may be possible that Randy is seeing a cached version of the site. Is anyone else seeing this? Here’s what I’m seeing:

Update #2 As my intention was to have the titles mirror the word Blog in the Site Logo, I decided that rather than darken the text I’d go back and darken the content area instead. The red text was unnerving to me against the grey. I like the blog red (Cayenne) and am happy to use John’s suggested rendering. Hopefully it looks okay against the dark grey (rather than the lighter grey) now. Vote in the comments below 🙂

15 thoughts on “Cleanup.

  1. The menu on the right side gets “pushed” down below other content on both my PC’s (IE6, resolution 1440×900/1600×1050).
    Looks strange 🙂

    Søren, Denmark

  2. No John, I don’t take it as criticism, I did ask. My original intention was to use the same shade as the word Blog, but it looks terrible against the gray. It does look fine against the black. I guess I’m just going to have to find a compromise colour that keeps the same contrast between it and the gray as the Blog red on black.

  3. I see you’ve made some changes Sean. It’s better now but the titles are still very dark. Curiously enough when I viewed the page on my laptop awhile ago they were more readable than they are here at home on my fairly new machine with its 21″ LCD monitor.

    FWIW, last time I wasn’t referring to the content dark gray background color, only the H3 header element foreground color of your titles e.g.

    Podcast 24: Mark Hambug, Zalman Stern and Thomas Knoll
    Photoshop CS3 Public beta released.
    And so on.

    The foreground colors of those words are the colors I’m referring to, and I assume what the others are referring to. Just looking at the page now, if you set your foreground title color closer to the color of the word “blog” in your lblogo.jpg image at the top of the page, the titles would be more readable on this machine anyway. A sample of that color reveals it’s approximately #8F160B in hex.

    I hope you don’t take all this as criticism as I’m only trying to help you make your page more readable. I very much enjoy reading your blogs, you’ve got some good stuff here. 🙂

  4. Using Firefox 1.5.08 I see the same nearly impossible to see titles too Sean. The problem appears to be in this section of your page source code:

    .post-title {
    margin:.25em 0 0;
    padding:0 0 4px;

    The hex color value of #330e0e is an almost black color. If you lightened (changed the hex value) to #AB2C2C it should become more of a burnt red color.


  5. The titles (seem brownish red on a black background) are pretty hard to read. They may need some “dusting” (lightening up) as part of your spring cleaning.

    [Love the video lessons btw…]


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