May 18, 2024

While I’ve scratched the surface, there’s much more information out there on Beta 2.

Ian Lyons at Computer Darkroom has a full overview of all Beta features, highlighting new features for Beta 2.
Gene at Lightroom Secrets has some notes up.
Rob Sylvan has his take on the Beta.
Nature photographer and plugin developer Mark Wilson has put some of the new features through their paces.
Lightroom Queen Victoria Bampton has bullet points upon bullet points of new features.
Richard Earney takes us Inside Lightroom Beta 2 also.

For French readers, Gilles Theophile has his own presentation.

Matt Kloskowski has taken time out at PSW precon to give his thoughts.

Adobe Booth Babe John Beardsworth waxes lyrical on the new noise reduction in Beta 2.

On video, the fabulous Julieanne Kost takes us through some of the new features of LR3 Beta 2.

Terry White can be seen talking about the Beta in this video that was leaked before the announcement.

And for something completely different, Jeffrey Friedl has a cool new plugin: Snapshot on Export. This adds a snapshot to the image as it’s exported, meaning that even if you change an image after, you can always go back to the snapshot to get an exact match on future exports. Cool. He also talks about some of the changes he’s made to other plugins using the B3 SDK.

The Lightroom Lab have jumped in with a post.

On the official front, Tom Hogarty is collecting and publishing resources as they become available.

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