April 21, 2024

As promised, here’s a version 1.3 Gallery for Lightroom. It’s by no means a feature complete gallery, but it should be useful to those looking to build their own. It is a working gallery though, but still pay attention to the fact that it is a 0.1 release. It contains a similar menu system to the older XSLT Not so Simple Scroll gallery.


Sample Gallery

This gallery uses .lrwebengine file extension when unzipped. Mac users can double click on the file to automatically install it. You see the following dialogs during the process:

On XP go to C:Documents and SettingsUserApplication DataLightroom -Note that Application Data is a hidden folder, on Vista C:UsersUserAppDataRoamingAdobeLightroom ) where User is the name you log in with. Look for a folder called Web Galleries within. If it’s not there, create it yourself. Unzip the file into this folder and restart Lightroom.
The new Gallery will apppear in the Right Hand Panel, in the Galleries Pane.

Gallery Notes: This gallery uses the CSS overflow-x and overflow-y tags. Safari 2 does not support these and while not beautiful, it fails gracefully enough that the images remain visible. I can’t test on IE6 or IE7, so comments are graciously received. Because the tag is new enough it fails badly on IE5 Mac. There’s a silly border issue on the ID plate, that I forgot to fix on Firefox (it took longer to write about than to fix), but it’s fine other than that.

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