May 19, 2024

Shift + Command + Option + , or as it is on PC, Shift + Control + Alt + , .

It’s the shortcut that brings up the Plugin Mananger, very useful when you’re working on a Plugin!

4 thoughts on “Today’s show was brought to you by the Shortcut

  1. Don’t get me wrong Antonio, I used PC for years and I still use windows via bootcamp as needed.

    This shortcut came from my plugin work directly, so guess which version I use. Much easier to write down the Mac version first and translate it to PC.

  2. Sean,

    I meant no offense and I must admit it was not supposed to be ‘you’ but ‘Adobe’ in the sentence. I guess it was a rhetorical question badly structured (or a bad case of Mac envy disguised as outrage).

  3. I have sold no copies of Lightroom whatsoever.

    I have a Mac. It’s that simple.
    This is a free resource that I pay for out of my own pocket. No one sponsors me, and for that matter, no one has offered either, so I’ll reference as I please, Mac first.

  4. How many copies of LR have you sold for the Mac and how many for the PC? does the Mac have so many more LR users that it has to be the standard by which you reference first?

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