May 21, 2024

The Small Stuff!

Here are some cool new 1.1 features besides the ‘big ones’ (i.e Sharpening, Catalogs, Clarity, etc). This is not a comprehensive list, but one I’ve compiled as I’ve found them. I will add to it though.

Cmd/ctrl ‘ will Create a Virtual Copy. Virtual copies can be renamed.

You can embed the RAW file in a DNG now.

You can hide photos from subitems now by unticking ‘Include Photos From Subitems’ in the Library Menu of the Library Module.

You can untick Print Resolution to prevent Lightroom resampling the image for print.

You can add Drop Shadows in Web Galleries.

The Metadata Browser now includes Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Label data along with the original 6 items. You can also choose to exclude items in the Catalog settings.

You can Synchronise your folders to keep the catalog up to date with changes made in other Applications by right clicking on the Folder and choosing ‘Synchronise Folder…’

You can now Export Original to get a copy of the original file to use outside Lightroom. While you could use Show in Explorer/Finder to do this before, this is much quicker for batch exporting.

While Exporting, you can now Export Keywords as Lightroom Hierarchy.

You can now ‘Save Quick Collection’. This will put the contents of your Quick Collection into a collection that you name in the Dialog. You can also choose to clear the Quick Collection here also.

There are 2 new Defringe options: Highlight Edges and All Edges. This is very useful for Chromatic Aberrarion that was not affected by the Red/Cyan and Blue/Yellow sliders.

You can Right Click (Ctrl Click on a one button Mac) on the Left and Right pane and choose from a large collection of Panel End Marks, including None.

All Presets can now be placed in folders (only one level deep though).

In Slideshow and Web you can now decide to use All Photos or All Selected Photos. Use the Play>Which Photos menu in Slideshow and the Web>Which Photos in Web to select your preference.

Slidehows and Impromptu Slideshows now start from the currently selected photo.

Each Module now has its own help section.

A new function that allows to you to sync your exposures to the same values is Match Total Exposures in Settings menu in the Develop Module.

There is now an editable Copyright Status field with the options ‘Unknown’, ‘Copyrighted’ and ‘Public Domain’. These match the same field in Photoshop.

Metadata Presets can be edited and deleted from within Lightroom, from the menu where you create them.

Along with the previously existing ‘thirds’ and ‘grid’ crop overlays, there are now some additions: Diagonals, Triangles, Golden Ration and Golden Spiral. The non symmetric forms can be rotated.

Vibrance and Clarity appear in the Quick Develop pane. If you hold down Alt/Option, then these change to Saturation and Sharpening. The Sharpening control affects the Amount control in the Develop Sharpening.

3 thoughts on “The Small Stuff

  1. that was teh first thing i tried sean. its really strange. all the menus are really really slow, even something simple like going in to the catalog settings and unchecking teh metadata browser categories freezes up the app. its as if i am on a g3 with 256 of ram. ahhhh

  2. Everyone else is raving about the speed.
    Go to File>Catalog settings and in the general tab click ‘Relaunch and Optimise’. I recommend backing up the catalog first.

  3. for some reason 1.1 has slowed lightroom to a crawl. not sure whats going on here. ive got a new octo mac with 8 gigs of ram, a dedicated striped raid using two 120 gig WD raptors and lightroom is unusable. please help

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