July 20, 2024

Hey folks, I’m getting this question a lot, so I thought I put up a post about it. As we all know, Lightroom 3 is in Beta stage, so fundamentally things are subject to change. There has been some underlying changes, and of course the addition of the new Watermarking to Web. That code is actually shorter than the code for Lightroom 2, but it breaks the galleries in Lightroom 2. Therefore, I’ll need to include versions for each when Lightroom 3 comes out. Why not before? Well with the changes happening, I don’t want to release something that will be broken in Lightroom 3 final. Forcing users to upgrade unnecessarily is not fair on the user. So I’ll just wait.

Update: Well, I’m glad I wrote this post. Matthew Campagna read it and mentioned that Timothy Armes had written code that could detect versions and apply the right watermark code. It’s not stuff covered in the Web SDK, so after some email between us all, Tim allowed me access to the code, and Matt actually forwarded i on to me.. thank you, thank you, thank you..

Of course that means that I’ll have LR3 beta 2 compatible watermarks in the next release, because it doesn’t force a user to upgrade.

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