May 21, 2024

An oldie, but perhaps a goodie for some. Johan Attali has done a short post on using SQLite3 to fix a broken catalog. Essentially it does a file copy via sqlite3, but SQLite removes the errors on copy.
For more details, check out:

3 thoughts on “Restoring a broken catalog

  1. – download precompiled binaries for Windows from

    – put a COPY of your catalog in the same folder as sqlite3.exe

    – open a command prompt window in this folder and type:
    sqlite3 Boken_Catalog.lrcat .dump >backup.sql

    – after sqlite3 finishes creating the dump file type:
    sqlite3 new.lrcat <backup.sql

  2. The catalog remedy you posted a link to appears to be for a Mac, just wondered if there is another set of instructions for PC. Have had a couple of recent episodes with catalogs that can’t be repaired.

    1. Sqlite is cross platform, so PC should be similar. I really don’t remember PC CLI stuff anymore (10 years since I switched), so I can’t help. You can find out more from Or try leaving a comment on the actual post.

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