May 19, 2024


With the dust now settled on Photoshop World, the news is out that Adobe have finally announced an affordable photographer centric subscription package for CS3+ users.

The time limited offer for a $9.99 monthly package kicks off with the release of Lightroom 5.2 shortly and ends 31st Dec this year. So that’s less than $120 a year. Considering what the normal upgrade cost is, that seems very close to what people paid when they skipped alternate versions of the programs. In other words, worth it.

So what’s in the package? Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Behance ProSite and 20GB online storage. In addition you get access to the Creative Cloud training resources, as well as the main benefit of ongoing improvements through the subscription cycle.

To go with that, Photoshop 14.1 has just been pushed to Creative Cloud Users.

For UK users it’s £7.14, and for EU €9.99, both Ex VAT. The $9.99 in local currency seems typical, but it looks like EU users are paying over the odds slightly. I know there’s always the ‘translation costs’, but I’m in an English speaking EU country, and there isn’t a UK English version.

On the whole, it’s still good value for existing (and certainly for older) users.

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