May 21, 2024

With the User to User forums a little on the awkward side, and with Lightroom only taking up a small subsection on other forums, Ian Farlow has started The forum membership is starting to rise and a few of the testers and expert users of the program have made their way there as members. I joined as an ordinary member and was crowned a Guru, but I suppose if I’m not instigating it, I’m okay with it.

Is there not enough forums already? Probably, but like all communities, some suit and some don’t. And of course all forums are ultimately self selecting, so pop by and see what you think.

Via Lighroom Galleries/Victoria Bampton

2 thoughts on “New Lightroom Forums

  1. Well Sean, a quick look through the current membership list shows that you are THE guru prenently, so the designation was quite appropriate. Hopefully more will come over from the Adobe forum, because for me it has become unuseable.

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