July 15, 2024

Based on a comment in a previous post on tethering, I’ve done a little test run using EOS Utility with a Canon 20D and Lightroom.

When shooting tethered using the EOS Utility to get images into Lightroom, it is really important to remember that the Watched Folder (Auto Import Folder) needs to be empty. One of the settings in EOS Utility creates a subfolder by date. If you use this setting (which I think is on by default), your images will not auto-import. You need to untick all the boxes as in the screen capture above. You get to this preference screen by clicking on the little computer icon under the ISO setting. One other handy setting to change is to set the Linked Software to none, to prevent DPP or Image Browser opening once you start shooting. If we quickly examine the Utility window open on the right we can note a few things. The File type here is RAW, something someone mentioned having problems with. This certainly is working fine here. Also the camera is set up for manual exposure. All the settings can be changed either in camera or here on the computer. Lightroom has no issues with any setting once the file shows up in the correct folder on its own.

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