July 15, 2024

Normally updates to LRB Portfolio are monthly, but this time I’ve had 2 code setbacks, meaning I had to go back twice and restart the update. I’m currently trialing a versioning system to prevent this from happening in the future. Mixed with a lot of other commitments, including new plugins and galleries, it’s been tough to get this one out there. Hopefully I haven’t introduced other bugs in the process of fixing the ones here.

  • Fixed issue where the menu offset could force the gallery to the right with Cmotion in Safari.
  • Fixed IE issue where there would be a gap at the bottom of images. (further work may be needed)
  • Changed Contact form so you no longer need to edit mail.html to get the correct email address)
  • There are other minor changes, but these are the main ones.

    As with all updates, these are free to current 1.x & 2.X users of LRB Portfolio via the download link they received on purchase. New customers interested in buying this plugin can do from from the LRB Portfolio Website.

    The updated User Guide is with the plugin, but can also be downloaded from the website.

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