May 21, 2024

LRB Portfolio, the website in a gallery plugin for Lightroom has been updated to version 1.1. New features include an error page for galleries lacking enough images, body font settings and background image control. Bug fixes include an issue with mail.php generation in 1.03. Current users can get the update through the download email they received with product purchase. If you have mislaid this, it went to your paypal email address. If you’ve used up all the downloads, reply with the download email and I’ll reset it.

7 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio updated to 1.1

  1. I have created my website: with LRB Portfolio 1.1 : and I'm having an issue viewing the menu bar and seeing the whole photos on a smaller computer and I'm wondering if you could help me with it. I would like to be able to make the website get smaller with size while keeping the integrity of the screen as it gets smaller rather than only be able to see part of the photos with smaller computers. I'm especially concerned because the menu is at the bottom of the screen and my laptop you cannot see the menu bar at the botton. Alternatively is there a way to change the code to have the menu bar on the top of the site? Thanks in advance for any advice. Best, Diane Epstein

  2. Hey Juan,
    how goes it?

    Open the file foot.html and paste the code on the fist line. The /body tag should be below the pasted text.
    Once you do that the code will be in all the pages on the site.

    The file is inside LRB Portfolio.lrwebengine, so you’ll need to use ‘Show Package Contents’ in the context menu on Mac. On PC is just a folder and it’s in there.

  3. Sean,

    Thanks for all the hard work on this and your contributions to all things Lightroom. We love the new gallery and thought about using LRB an iPhone supplement to our main site but when it loads on the iPhone there's no way to scroll. Admittedly, I'm a web novice so I don't even know if that's possible. Any insight would be appreciated.


    Mike Malone
    Malone & Company Photography

    824 S 75th St
    Omaha, NE 68114 USA
    402 344 3786 ext 18 | 888 699 2889

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