May 19, 2024

LRB Portfolio has been updated to 1.01, fixing a width issue with the menu under IE, and changing the right click code to be compatible with WebKit based browsers like Safari and Chrome.
Additions include longer text fields for Home and About, a HTML Metadata Keywords box, Remove home page link, and a slider to set the distance from the top of the broswer. To avoid confusion with those seeing errors with not enough images selected, the Home, About and Contact pages show image 1. You will see the error on gallery pages with not enough images selected. I’ve added titles to each section for clarity.

Known Issues. On Mac, entering a number directly in the Image Per Gallery silder box doesn’t force an update. Click on the slider to force the update. Using the Slider, or hovering over the number and dragging work as normal. I’m in touch with Adobe engineers to see why this code isn’t working as normal.

To update, simply use the link you received on purchase to download the new version. Most of you have only one or 2 downloads, so you still have plenty left. Reply with the download link email if you run into trouble.

4 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio updated to 1.01

  1. I have 90 per gallery here in a test gallery with 5 galleries.. It tops out at 500 images though. It gets unwieldy before that.
    The only way you’ll see the error is if you don’t have enough images. For 6 galleries of 40 images, you need 240 images.

  2. I love the look of this gallery. Is there a way to add more Galleries to accommodate more than 35 images? I have 40 in my collection, but when I enter more than 6 per gallery I see the error message.

    Thanks for all the great work you do!

    Hoof Pix Sport Horse Photography

  3. Hi Martin
    Only IE can do the scroll colour change. It wouldn’t change in any other browser, which would defeat the purpose. You could generate a CSS file for scrollbars external, put it in the resources/css folder and then link to it in the header section of each gallery.html file.

    A method for different numbers is detailed in the notes in the user guide.

    You can only use one folder/collection.

    Lightroom provides no way to track images online, so there’s no way to match content changes.

    All are worthy suggestions, but I’m limited to what Lightroom can do. Even creating different galleries is a bit of a hack, as the images are generated using an alternative method to the normal AddGridPage method.

  4. Hi Sean,
    thx for this lovely and compact designed tool. During i created my portfolio i came along some points and wanted to share them with you.

    – i would like to choose the color of the scroll bar in order to blend it nicely with the bg

    -is there a way to customize different numbers of pictures for each gallery? instead of a fixed number for all galleries maybe only having to link each gallery to a different source folder with an option for automatic read out when linked source folders change their content?

    cheers Martin

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