July 15, 2024


With iOS10 adding Raw support, Lightroom mobile can add DNG capture to the list of tools that really enhance your mobile photography. The key features of DNG capture that matter here are White Balance control and Highlight Recovery. With JPEG or TIFF, once the file is written, White Balance can’t be changed directly, and blown highlights are gone forever.

With this release, Lightroom iOS catches up with the camera support available in the Android version since February.

There seems to be a lot of comments from people looking for Canon 5DIV support-a fair enough request. The desktop and mobile teams are separate entities, so complaining on a mobile team post won’t get a lot of traction. Camera Raw and Lightroom updates for camera support are still 3 monthly affairs, but hopefully we see something soon.

This time, my new camera has support out the gate (the X-T2), so I’m definitely one of the fortunate ones.

For more details (and the 5D4 comments) check out Lightroom Journal, Adobe’s official Lightroom news blog.

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