May 19, 2024

Hey folks Kelbyone’s Lightroom Magazine issue 43 is out now!

Lr43 jpeg

My Maximum Workflow article is on compositing photos and the workflow behind it. Also includes are feature articles by Martin Evening, Rick Sammon and Serge Ramelli.

Rob Sylvan also has a huge feature on yesterdays Lightroom releases. Yes that’s right. A magazine that’s as up to date as the web. Check out the full TOC below.

Lr43 toc

The magazine is free to Kelbyone members. If you’re not a member, it’s a fantastic learning resource with video courses from all the top trainers in the photographic world. Obviously Scott Kelby is there, but you have Lindsay Adler, Rick Sammon, Moose Peterson, Serge Ramelli and a host of others. I’ve been a paid member for years. Of late they’ve been adding really fantastic courses.

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