July 15, 2024

Old news that I forgot to post.. Go to Adobe to get it. It’s BUG FIX release rather than having new features. This also might add weight to the ‘Last Beta’ comments by Michael Reichmann.

3 thoughts on “Lightroom Beta 4.1

  1. Sean
    thanks for the reply havent been brave enough yet to try 4.1 again but perhaps soon. however have noticed something odd i created a new Managed folder and have been importin shoots into it and yet have noticed the following: whenever i change something in the new folder with is on an ext firewire drive the following folders are still being updated in the original library folder inside my pictures folder: Library.aglib, Previews.Irdata and when LR is open a aglib.lok folder. All these are sitting on my main drive not the firewire one. I tried coping over the preview file to the new location but when i updated some pictures the preview file on my main drive shows the later modification date.

    Can u explain any of this and do I need to worry?



  2. I’ve personally had no issues but try this: Switch on the XMP files option in Preferences, then follow the instructions in the Multiple Libraries post and create a new Library. With this blank library, import your old library folders. You can reference them to save time to. I had multiple issues after updating the Library from Beta 3 to Beta 4 and a new Library solved them all.

  3. After “upgrading” to 4.1 have run into all kinds of problems like not being able to import! Am on a mac using 10.4.8 and evreything prior to 4.1 was fine manged to coble an older copy from my Powerbook onto my Desktop but now all my library structures have changed and trying to re import into new photo folder. Its a mess.

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