July 20, 2024


I’ve spoken in the past about my love for Filterstorm as my main photo editing app on the iPad. Well tomorrow, when the new Mac App store opens, Filterstorm’s developer Tai Shimizu has a new Mac app going live. It’s called Light Compressor and will retail for an astounding $0.99. That’s right, less than a dollar for simple painless HDR. 



The initial version 1.0, doesn’t accept input from other programs, but Tai’s already sent me 1.01 which does. That means that you can use it with Lightroom as an External Editor in Export, to create HDR quickly and easily.

When Exporting a HDR sequence, simply choose your file type (TIFF or JPEG in this case) and in the Post Process section, choose ‘Open In Other Application’ from the list. Use the ‘Choose’ button to select Light Compressor. That’s it. Save as an Export Preset to do it automatically by clicking the Add button on bottom of the Preset section of Export. 


No, there’s no kickback, I just really like Tai’s products, and that price is a steal. 

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